Welcome to Samana Yoga

Samana yoga studio


I am so excited to welcome you to Samana Yoga Studio’s new website and first ever blog post.

My website is super easy to navigate thanks to the brilliance of Hela and Edwin at 8Web. They created and built samana.yoga so quickly and with such ease; I will always be eternally grateful for their friendship and professionalism.

So this is the one place where you can find everything you need to know about the Yoga I teach: where, when, costs and how to contact me. I now also have the opportunity to write to you regularly in my blog & news page which, if you subscribe, can be sent direct to your inbox.

I plan to write about various aspects of Yoga, how it relates to our everyday life and how it can help with all of those everyday challenges. Yoga is such a blessing and is a great tool to stay physically and emotionally strong as well as stay grounded, connect with the present moment and find gratitude for the beauty, gifts and blessings all around us.

My first newsletter will be about Samana Vayu. Many of you have asked me why Samana? So please subscribe and you’ll find out more soon!

Much love,