The Quality of Doing


About Practice

The way we do our practice is so very important…

The quality of doing directs the flow of prana within the body in very different ways and can achieve very different results. A strong, fast paced practice stimulates prana and raises energy tapping into the fire element. The same sequence of poses done slowly and held for a longer period has the opposite effect, much more cooling & calming, tapping into the water & earth elements. Long holds can also demand tenacity, endurance and strength which can build that fire up again, yet with much more focus of will. It really is all about our approach.

The quality of our breath also has a direct influence on the flow of prana as it moves through us. A sitting posture done with a strong, deep breath such as ujjayi pranayama can have a very uplifting and invigorating affect whilst the same pose done with a natural breath may well soothe you to sleep!

The breath is the bridge between our poses and our intentions for ourselves


When our mind is calm, our breath is calm and the body will follow and become calm too. If our mind is agitated, distracted or dull, tuning into our breath and establishing an even, full rhythm will bring it to a more settled and focused state, allowing the body and mind to follow.

Keeping an even attention on your breathing and maintaining steady focus on your actions while performing asana helps harmonise the body and mind.

Intention is Important

The mental state and quality of intention we bring to our practice will have an even greater bearing on the results. While simply performing asana can go a long way to shifting our state of mind in the desired positive direction, beginning our practice with a view of what we hope to accomplish or where we would like to end up is key. Being clear with our intention will inform how we practice.

May we be clear in our vision and focussed on our wellbeing so that all around us may benefit from the postive changes we seek. xo